turn an initial stake or winnings from a previous bet into (a greater amount) by gambling. “It involved parlaying a small bankroll into big winnings…”
a cumulative series of bets in which winnings accruing from each transaction are used as a stake for a further bet.

Our Culture:

Culture > Strategy.

Our experience tells us that Winning creates …

More Opportunities.

More Opportunities often create …

More Winning.

We look for, invest in and execute on …

Winning Opportunities.

About Us:


We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to increase your brand’s visibility, engage your target audience, and drive measurable growth. These services include but are not limited to:

Social Media Marketing

Mobile Marking

Search Engine Marketing

Display Marketing

SMS Marketing

Email Marketing


We have a proven track record as Technology Founders.

We now operate as a Family Office and have a variety of investments that include:

  • U.S. Commercial Real Estate Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Application Development
  • Lead Generation Technology
  • Medical Technology
  • Agriculture Technology
  • Horse Racing (we get the most ?’s about this)
  • Sports Betting Platform Technology
  • U.S. Banking Technology
  • AI Technology
  • Maritime Shipping
  • International Real Estate Development

Because we are Family, we are able to move faster than traditional VC or PE firms.

Decision Velocity is a phrase we like.


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